FAQs on our 19th Edition and the Coronavirus

March 17, 2020

All Festival Updates Related to the Coronavirus Will Be Posted to this Page 

Posted March 17, 2020

What are your plans now for the 2020 festival?

We are three months away from what we plan to be the opening night of our 19th Jazz Festival. In May, we’ll come back to you with an update. For now, we are proceeding with jazz fest plans, all systems go.

Our entire jazz festival team is hopeful that Covid 19 will have run its course and that we can safely be together in late June for some unforgettable musical performances.

We share and understand the public’s concern about this situation. We are monitoring it closely and consulting with all appropriate health and government officials. 

We know how much people are looking forward to the festival. We understand the economic impact it delivers that artists, individuals and businesses depend on, and we want nothing more than to deliver another exceptional 9 days of great music.

We want you to know that we are very thankful to you, our loyal patrons, and are very thankful for your support. We pledge to you that we will -  to the best of our options and capabilities - do the right thing for everyone 

What would cause you to postpone or cancel the festival?

We are three months away from the festival and cannot predict what the situation will be in June. So it’s premature to discuss that at this time. The situation is rapidly evolving. We can speculate and formulate multiple scenarios but at this time dealing in hypotheticals is not productive.

Many other festivals scheduled through mid-April have postponed or canceled and understandably so. It’s definitely the safest and smartest thing for them to do at this time. We have great empathy for all the businesses, events and other activities and services that have been cancelled and interruted due to the virus. None of us is untouched by this unprecedented situation.

In early May we’ll come back to you with an update, but for now we are proceeding with jazz fest plans, all systems go. Our entire jazz festival team is hopeful that covid 19 will have run its course and that we can safely be together in late June for some unforgettable musical performances

We advise our patrons to take all the appropriate precautionary measures now as recommended by the CDC so that we all do everything we can to prevent and slow the spread of the virus.

Will the artists be able to travel?

We have received a few inquiries from artists in other countries wondering about travel and have told them that we are full speed ahead for our 19th edition festival June 19-27. Everything is on schedule. No one has cancelled. All artist visas have been approved. If for some reason some artists could not travel, with 330+ shows, that would not cause the cancellation of the festival.

Will you issue refunds for tickets purchased if the festival is canceled?

The festival is three months away and our plans now are to present nine days of amazing music. We hope that we will not have to cancel anything. If anything should change we will evaluate the situation at that time.  This is an evolving issue. We are trying to remain positive. Our approach is going to be what CAN we do, not what we CAN’T do.

What steps are you planning to take during the festival to protect people’s health?

We will closely consult with health and government officials and follow their recommendations to assure that we are making plans that are in the best interest of our patrons. We will work with all venues to assure best public health practices during the festival including having hand sanitizer at each venue, training for staff and volunteers, and whatever additional measures are recommended by the Monroe County Health Department and CDC.

What if any of the venues are not open due to the owners’ decisions?

At this time we are not aware of any venues we are planning to use that will be closed in June. Since we cannot respond to hypotheticals, we will continue to evaluate the situation and make decisions accordingly. 

What can I do now to help control the spread of the virus?

Be safe, follow the CDC guidelines, care for one another as best as you can and let’s work to win the battle to contain Covid 19.

Here are the top official resources in Rochester to consult to keep yourself and others healthy.

Ticket Sales Update

Posted March 18, 2020

With the continued heightened concern over the coronavirus pandemic and the rapidly evolving decisions being announced by government and health officials, we are all experiencing significant disruption in all aspects of our lives.
With concern for everyone’s financial situation, we feel it best at this time to temporarily suspend ticket sales for headliner concerts and Club Passes until May 10.
As we announced yesterday, we are not canceling our festival. We are still planning for and hoping to present our festival from June 19-27.
We will advise everyone of our festival plans on or before May 10.
We thank you for your understanding and support. Be safe and keep healthy.