Itamar Borochov Quartet

Itamar Borochov (trumpet), Paul Bedal (piano), Sam Weber (double bass), Daniel Dor (drums)

Israeli-born, Brooklyn-based trumpeter & composer Itamar Borochov’s unique sound connects lower Manhattan to North Africa, modern Israel and ancient Bukhara.Deeply immersed in the jazz tradition, Borochov’s search for his personal roots resulted in an ever-expanding love for Arab and Pan-African musical sensibilities – a natural palette for a trumpeter/composer raised in Jaffa, an integrated Muslim-Jewish-Christian city.

On his new album ‘Blue Nights’ - a multi-cultural joyride through Middle Eastern styles fused with Western jazz – Borochov spins out nine tracks in a virtuosic, highly personalized synthesis of his experiences in bebop, post-bop, and elemental rock, alongside North African and Near Eastern dialects that permeated his consciousness during formative years in Israel’s cultural melting pot, and the Mizrahi and Ashkenazi musical flavors that are his birthright. Downbeat magazine describes the resulting compositions as “stunning themes of spirituality, balance and equality”.

After working with such legendary artists as Curtis Fuller and Candido Camero, and arranging and co-producing for acclaimed world music sensation Yemen Blues, Borochov set out on his own path, enchanting audiences worldwide with his virtuosic sound and charismatic soulful expression.  His debut recording Outset (2014) was included in the New York City Jazz Record’s Best of 2014 List, and his follow-up album Boomerang (2016) received great critical acclaim both in Europe and the US.

Borochov has performed at prestigious venues such as New York’s Lincoln Center, The Kennedy Center and SummerStage at Central Park and international jazz festivals in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, London and Moscow amongst many others.

“…a unique hybrid of the Middle East and Brooklyn, compelling technique and delicate lyricism... If you decide to follow, your own life can be enriched with a connection to Borochov’s music that goes beyond a mere appreciation for his virtuosity and thoughtful composition.”- Downbeat

“Rich, detailed and engrossing music with an individual sound.” – London Jazz


Fri, Jun 28 - 6:45 PM
Christ Church
$30 cash at the door or Club Pass

Fri, Jun 28 - 8:45 PM
Christ Church
$30 cash at the door or Club Pass

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