Sonidos Unidos

Sonidos Unidos is a multifaceted group that plays traditional Latin Music and also covers Pop and Jazztunes with a Latin feel.

Our goal is to capture the attention of any audience while staying true to our roots.

Sonidos Unidos started as an idea of siblings wanting to play the music they loved. After years of talking about the idea, they finally decided to make this idea a reality. In 2015, The band made their debut and hasn't looked back since. They blend their Latin roots with popular and traditional Latin music to create their unique sound.They have played at local festivals like the Puerto Rican Festival in Rochester, NY, Battle of the Brick Latin Nights atthe Rochester Public Market, and venues in Rochester, NY like Loving Cup, Tapas 177, Papaya's, and hosted amonthly Saturday residency at Butapub. They will continue to develop their sound and

influence local music scene and move towards the National Stage.

Thalia Pabon, Lead Singer and Director          

Born in Puerto Rico, Thalia was strongly influenced by Latin and Pop music since her early childhood days. During her childhood, her first memories were when her parents took her to "Parrandas" in Puerto Rico which are usually done during the holidays.

Thalia enjoyed singing and was naturally gifted with vocal abilities that were beyond her age. In her teenage years, Thalia and her oldersister, Bianca, started singing original songs they wrote with dreams of grandeur. Thalia got a break to record several tunes with avarious producers and musicians at the infamous Dajhelon Studios, in Rochester, NY, who have worked with world renowned artists, Tweet, Missy Elliot and Timbaland. Despite this lucky break, life's responsibilities took priority and she had to take a step back from singing.

In 2012, Thalia found herself performing again

and joined the cover band, Galileo, as a lead singer along with her older sister. She did this for awhile then decided it wasn't what shewanted to do musically. In 2015, Thalia co- founded Sonidos Unidos with her brother. Thalia had high hopes for this band to be able toblend her love of Latin and Pop music together. With her major vocal influences being La India and Brenda K. Starr in the Latin genresand Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Toni Braxton, from the Pop genres, Thalia's goal is to be able to blend her influences to reachacross cultural barriers and bring people together.

Julio Pabon, Percussionist and Musical Director

As a young child in Puerto Rico, Julio has always followed the beat of a different drum. Born in Puerto Rico, He was influenced by theroots of the Puerto Rican culture and music. From Salsa to Bomba and Plena, Percussion instrument was always the instruments thatcapture his eyes and heart.

In his younger years, "Parrandas" gave a sense of what he wanted to do when he was older. After leaving Puerto Rico at a young age, Juliowas still fascinated with drums and held on to his dream to learn how to play.

In the late 1998, Julio finally got his opportunity to play in his middle school band. By the time he entered high school, he had learn howto play the drums to move into the higher level groups. At the time, his high school band tried to move him to the Tuba but Julio refused toplay anything other than the drums.

After two years, his high school teacher realized his potential and coordinated lessons at the world famous, Eastman School of Musicwhere he studied until is first years of

college. Graduating from the University of Miami with a degree in Music Business, Julio continue performing with well know artists likeRichie Bravo and Arturo Sandoval (Grammy award winners). In Rochester, He developed Sonidos Unidos as the first crossover latingroup and continues to make strides in the local latin community. Julio is also a social dancer and DJ in the Rochester Salsa Scene.Julio's goal is to provide quality entertainment that speaks to people from all walks of life.

Band Members: Thalia Pabon, Lead vocals, Julio Pabon, Percussion, Edgardo Martinez, Percussion, Andrew Rodriguez, Piano/Backup Vocals, Lu Bonilla, Trumpet, Ken Luk, Guitar, Indio Martinez, Bass


Fri, Jun 17 - 7:00 PM
Avangrid Foundation / RG&E Fusion Stage

Fri, Jun 17 - 9:00 PM
Avangrid Foundation / RG&E Fusion Stage

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