CMD is a trio.

A musical group made up of 3 unlikely musicians. Casey Filiaci, Piano; Mark Terranova, Bass; and David Cohen, Drums. C M D! Common. Music. Different.

CMD takes Classic Rock R&B, & Pop songs, and plays them in a style some would call jazz.

Yup, it's jazz. But, it's different. Sometimes quiet and pensive. Sometimes soaring and cinematic. Other times, chaotic and on fire. But... you will always know the songs and you can always feel the groove.

From the Eagles, to CSN, to Joni Mitchell, to The Beatles, Peter Gabriel, The Doors, Aerosmith and The Police for starters... even Musical Theatre is represented. Nothing is off limits - except boredom. The members of CMD have played everything from rock and roll, pop, reggae, funk and jazz, to orchestral television scores and motion picture soundtracks.

It's time now... for this. C M D. Common. Music. Different. 


Fri, Jun 17 - 7:00 PM
City of Rochester Midtown Stage at Parcel 5