Benedikt Jahnel Trio

June 22Max of Eastman Place6:15 pm
June 22Max of Eastman Place10:00 pm

After three years of preparation, the Benedikt Jahnel TRIO releases its second long anticipated studio-album 'EQUILIBRIUM' - this time on the renowned label ECM. Recorded and produced by legendary mastermind Manfred Eicher himself, the new album fully realizes the expectations of the TRIO: together with the famous atmosphere and brilliance of ECMs recordings the iridescent energy and intelligence of the TRIO is at it's best.

The band features some of the most interesting and distinguished musicans of the contemporary jazz scene in New York. Both of them are successful bandleaders and sideman, who have proved their brillance on numerous concerts and records.

The friendship between Benedikt and drummer Owen Howard reaches back many years. By that time Howard was working as a guest professor at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin and Benedikt was his student. Owens unique sound and his magical approach to time is a revelation to every musician that has the honor to play with him and also to every listener.

Antonio Miguel from Spain has succeeded in creating a great reputation as an accompanist and as a soloist in New York although he lived there for only three years. His sound shows the perfect balance between a lyrical touch and a hard grooving senteniousness. His relation to Benedikt grew through many jamsession with mutual friends especially during his brief attendance of the City College New York.